Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ


First there was American clothes.
Work wear, outdoor wear, military wear, motorcycle wear, athletic wear ...
Functionally tough American clothing.In other words, it is the clothes that created the country of America on the vast undeveloped land.
And the nameless life of the men who created America is engraved on such American clothes.

Freewheelers is a closing company formed to revive the "clothes that created America" ​​that they love.
However, the entity is not just a reprint of the historic American clothing.
What we want to reproduce is the spirit of manufacturing that America has nurtured in the process of becoming America, and the atmosphere of the scene where the clothes played an active part.

For Freewheelers, vintage wear is a valuable source of inspiration in craftsmanship, but its purpose is not to faithfully trace its surface.
For example, we make full use of difficult-to-reproduce materials and specifications as a means to express the American atmosphere of one day, which inevitably exudes from a single recorded photograph or piece of video.

Freewheelers is also not a fashion brand that finds motifs only in a particular era, place or culture and follows its fashion style.
For example, what attracts us strongly to the literary group "Beat" of wandering is the resonance with the memory of wandering somewhere one day that inevitably exudes from their naked words.

In the late XNUMXs, Beat set out on the streets from the hustle and bustle of New York.
They chaotically picked up and sang pieces of truth buried in their daily lives as they wandered in search of freedom.We, too, wander boldly and freely in space-time as if we were manipulating a time machine, randomly digging up the brilliance of the nameless America buried in the strata of history, and singing it through the factor of clothes.

The Freewheelers pursue new value not found in any modern clothing or even vintage clothing.
So to speak, it is the making of clothes to unleash the same brilliance in everyday life as when the clothes originally made for a certain purpose were placed in the most dazzling luminescent scene.
That is why we travel the story of "the clothes that created America."

It's so detailed and time-consuming that only the side making things can tell, but because of its existence, their products overwhelm everyone who sees it.